HMTT v4: HMTT for DDR4

New Features:

  • Supports DDR4 address trace collection

  • Works properly at DDR4-1600, partly support DDR4-1866

  • Supports UDIMM/RDIMM memory modules, LRDIMM modules need future test

  • PCIe Gen2 cable connection is used for trace transmission while a hardware SSD raid is used for trace storage

Good News! We have a HMTTv4 prototype worked on a Intel Skylake DDR4 Platform(2018.2). The address capture function is the same as previous versions.

We have tested our HMTTv4 memory trace board on multiple platforms, e.g. Intel Skylake Desktop, Coffeelake Desktop, Broadwell Server, AMD Ryzen Desktop.

We are still working on the data capturing function though.

There is a short video shows  how HMTTv4 works. (video file)

Working Image