Dump Page Table Trace in Linux Kernel Toolkit (NEW!)

  • The following package is the dump page table toolkit in Linux Kernel, the kernel we modified is You can use this toolkit to dump page table trace for processes.


  • The Toolkit provides several programs to analyze memory reference trace and page table trace.

  • extract_hmtt_trace.c: provides Cache/TLB, Stream, and page faults analysis.

  • page_fault_analysis.c: extracts page table from *.pt files.

Page Table Trace:

Memory Reference Trace:

    • The trace size is quite large. Most workloads' trace file size are more than 10GB.Full Spec CPU trace may grow up to Tera bytes. So we are sorry that these traces can't be downloaded online directly.

    • We now provide sampled trace slices for SPEC2017 with total size about 250 Gigabytes. The data can be downloaded from Baidu Netdisk with extraction code axxn . The tools can be downlowded from Github and Gitee.

    • Part of SPEC CPU 2017 lbm trace(60MB)

    • trace analyze

  • hmtt4_trace_parser.tgz

    • A memory performance monitor collecting tool topMC. We use it for phase detection when splitting trace.

Please contact us if you need the full traces.